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ANLCA 2023:  Ex-Presidents, Okocha, Shittu Endorse Nwokeoji, Oduntan


Chief Okocha signing the campaign poster

The presidential campaign strategy of Emenike Nwokeoji  and Segun Oduntan  his running mate otherwise known as the ENSO Restoration Team, has moved several steps ahead of its opponents, as past leaders including presidents of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), continue to add colours and depth to the campaign by endorsing the campaign poster as evidence of their unflinching support.

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Earlier today, a former president, Chief Peter Eloka Okocha endorsed the candidature of Nwokeoji as the ENSO Campaign Train paid him a homage visit at his Victoria Island Lagos Office.

After Nwokeoji spoke about the challenges that ANLCA has gone through in the past five years and the call for him to step out into the race and help to stem the drift through his restoration agenda, Okocha thanked him and his team for their patriotic duty to help bail out the association.

He said the clearing business made him who he was before venturing into other areas, and that he will continue to cherish the memory of his membership of the association.

The ENSO Campaign Team in a group photograph with Chief Okocha

Speaking further, the onetime Delta State gubernatorial candidate said he holds ANLCA dear to his heart and will not sit on the fence over matters affecting it’s fortunes, even as he lamented that the association and its members have become victim of bad leadership since 2018.

He said, “Whatever we are today, we started from ANLCA and the best of my life and what made me what l am is from this business. I always told myself in any endeavours of my life, l will never sit on the fence.

“At the last election, when Emenike’s name came up, l told those who came to me that he is the right candidate, but fortunately and unfortunately l had only one vote. But l don’t think l was even in the country when you people voted, but what came out, came out. And like they will say ‘Esterase Sera’, l am glad when l heard that he wants to run again, l said okay, maybe this is a classical case of destiny.

“Everything comes at God’s own time, l think that this is just the time, and l think that it is so divinely crafted. Thank God, with all this people it means you are not alone. You have 100 percent of my support. You have the capacity and capability, the competence and the push to succeed. May God help you to succeed”, he prayed.

He lamented that rather than build on what the last administration inherited, they created discords and factions, and kept dragging down the image of ANLCA until it lost recognition.

“And that is why l was angry when l saw you people at the police station, l was in pain. My pain was not because you were in the police station, my pain was that you were not supposed to be there. And this is what has bastardized our job, because even those who don’t understand our job, we tell them our job, and then they take it the way they like, and then make a mess of it.

“So you have a job ahead of you, but that job will be made easy if you behave like a broom. If you behave like a broom nobody can break you, but if you work alone it will be easy for you to be broken. With the support you have gotten and with additional support from Kamba, Inua, Shittu, and Elochukwu, the wind is on your sail. You have enough manpower to work with, use them.”

He also counseled them on the immediate and priority steps to take to achieve the ENSO restoration campaign manifesto.”

“I told Tony (Nwabunike) when they came to see me during the 2018 campaigns that ANLCA needs sincere leaders, purposeful leaders that can continue from where the Shittu administration stopped. Nobody will be happy that ANLCA has been badly damaged. Like l said earlier, when l saw you people at the police station, l was pained, so l am happy and l want to sign this campaign poster to show my open support for you and your team.

“Mr. Emenike l am here, l don’t know where l will be tomorrow. I will continue to do whatever l can to support your administration to quicken the process of your healing and restoration agenda.”


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