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Fuel Subsidy Removal: Maritime Workers Union Makes Case for Palliative


As the reality of the fuel subsidy removal bits harder, leadership of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) has appealed to the Federal Government to commence the payment of palliative packages to its members to cushion its adverse effects.

MWUN President General,Comrade Prince Adewale Adeyanju in a press statement issued by the Union Spokesperson, Comrade John-Kennedy Ikemefuna argued that the payment of palliative has become necessary “In the face of the recent economic reforms where the federal government had chosen the part of subsidy removal – a decision that has crippled the nation’s economic landscape, affecting every citizen, the industry and most especially the workforce that keeps maritime running.

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“The Maritime Workers Union in the light of the aforesaid wish to demand with humility that MWUN be considered for payment of palliative incentives to our members to cushion the excruciating effects over the subsidy removal.

“There’s no gainsaying that the maritime industry is the fulcrum around which the nation’s economy revolves. This is knowing too well that products which fill our markets, the energy that propel our factories and resources that sustain our people flow through the maritime veins; yet, amidst this turbulent times, the maritime workforce has been left grappling with uncertainties battling dual challenges of the economic restructuring and the relentlessness at sea.”

The statement continues: “This is a situation that demands not just our empathy but with utmost encouragement. In view of the foregoing, MWUN humbly requests that palliative incentives be given our members. Hence, we as a Union suggest that a meeting of MANAGEMENT/UNION be convened to discuss the modalities and when to commence payment.”


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