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Promotion Mirror: Ejesieme, Kadejo, Eyo and the 109 TCIP Roll-Call

From all indications and judging by trending social indices of human communication, it would seem the Tin Can Island Port (TCIP) Customs Command roll call of recent promotion in the service was the most celebrated, and therefore, the centre point of both industry and public service perspective.
Although the command got a total of 112 promotions across rank, from deputy comptroller downward to the assistant superintendent of customs 1 officer cadre, perhaps, what mattered most was the promotion of the Command Public Relations Officer, Uche Ejesieme to the rank of superintendent.
Cerebral, articulate, savvy and by far the most accessible, communicative and an incredibly talented media fire fighter, Uche has cultivated the most robust and effective two way communication with maritime and crime reporters, and known for his ability to quench any media fire, almost for free.
Beyond image building and protection of the service and his bosses within the command and beyond, Ejesieme has an urbane and unbroken human relations facility that reporters have grown to like and respect. Eloquent and ingenious, Uche remains perhaps, the only customs command public relations officer that has the magic of saying good morning to journalists when in fact it should be good afternoon, and the media willingly adjust, most graciously.
Vintage Ejesieme has also been most fortunate to serve under area controllers who have been minded to believe in his capacity to adequately hold forth as spokesman and trusted ally. He could not have been luckier as his bosses, both former and present also seem to respect his recommendations and advise. These were the factors that played up the news of his promotion across traditional and online media.
He was quick to apprise the media of the number of personnel that made the promotion in TCIP, calling attention to specific and general details regarding the roll call. He had his own pictures of the decoration ready, in case any reporter has need to fall back to his office, as he traditionally made effort to ‘wash’ his promotion and the other 111 personnel for his media constituents and other well wishers.
Also, Inuekpien Eyo who served as PRO Onne Customs Command for many years, and now serving at TCIP was elevated by a rank to assistant comptroller. Others elevated to the rank of assistant comptrollers include Adamu, A. A, Ojo, Bello, etc. Customs Area Controller, TCIP, Comptroller Musa Baba Abdullah, fondly called MBA, in his address during the decoration told the newly elevated officers to see their promotion as call to higher responsibility, and charged them to be up and doing and to defend the confidence reposed on them by management.
He admonished those who missed out in the present promotion not to feel bad or feel sidelined, since according to him, promotion comes from God; assuring that every officer due for promotion will get his own at the right time, as there is no geography that has pre-arranged promotions, and charged those who didn’t get to look up to God.
“Some of us joined this service in the last 20 to 25 years and definitely our aspiration is that one day, we will get elevated to the next level. So, what we are witnessing today is elevation to the next level, but you have to remember one thing, which is very important, that promotion comes from God. Eligibility consideration may have been done, examinations written, interviews conducted, selection done and list rolled out before the management consideration, then the board approval is given and final list sent to the area commands”, he said.
After the decoration and address by the CAC, newly promoted Deputy Comptroller Kadejo gave the vote of thanks on behalf of all the other newly promoted officers, assuring management to live up to expectations. Ace veteran public relations officer, now Deputy Comptroller Enforcement of TCIP, Dera Nnadi was on ground to assist the CAC perform the decoration.

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