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ANLCA 2023: ASECO Concludes Clearance/Voters Registration, Fix Election For Sept 7


Finally the much awaited Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) leadership election has been fixed for September 7, 2023 as the Association Electoral Committee (ASECO) concluded voters registration and collation of their practicing licenses.

The process which ended last night 12 O’clock according to ASECO guidelines was adjudged peaceful and transparent, effectively paving the way for the election of new leaders into the  association’s National Executive Committee (NECOM).

Also going by the ASECO guidelines, campaigns and every other activities has been brought to an end, while the contestants and their supporters look forward to the D-Day.

Usually impeccable sources informed that the Sole Administrator, Alhaji Abdulazeez Mukaila, Chairman Board of Trustees (BoT), Barr. Taiwo Mustapha and the ASECO Chairman, Chief Alloy lgwe were all relieved and are optimistic of the conclusion of the election come September 7,2023.

Much of the credit also goes to the Customs Consultative Council (CCC) which has since July waded into the association’s crisis and has successfully mediated peace through compromise.

Just last week, the Council waded in again when it was apparent that the mode of the conduct of the association’s NECOM election was throwing up fresh challenges and was able to get all segments and sides to adopt a 93 voters NEC mode of election.

The 93 delegates  approved to vote effectively curtailed further disagreements between the factions on who has the right to vote, in addition to granting ASECO two extra weeks to give it sufficient time to conclude its assignments; display the register of voters for screening and to allow both contesting camps observe the documentations ahead the display of the final list in ASECO’s communication portal scheduled to end yesterday by 12 midnight.

A statement by the CCC signed by the Secretary, Dr. Eugene Nweke, and made available to Pinnacle Time stated that above decisions were taken at a compressed meeting of all concerned yesterday, Wednesday 23, August 2023 at the Rockview Hotels Apapa Lagos.

The statement reads, “After the Peace Accord Resolutions Implementation process as agreed on the 19th July, 2023, less than 8 days to the end of 31st August, 2023, the CCC deemed it necessary to convene yet another compressed stakeholders meeting comprising of key ANLCA leaders involved in the peace accord resolutions implementation process to address fallouts from the implementation process which bothered mostly on election concerns.

“Hence the need for this meeting aimed to critically reevaluate the peace accord implementation process and the harmonization of the election methodology, for the overall attainments of a common and general election approach.”

The statement averred that a total of 12 resolutions were made and mutually endorsed by everyone concerned, following CCC further intervention.

“The CCC dispassionately looked at the goals before it and requested leaders to embrace same. Afterwards, it carefully and exhaustively looked at the submissions and issues raised by all the concerned parties in attendance and resolve as thus:

“The corporate image, members (practitioners) of ANLCA and the Professionals should be the core interest of every leader in attendance.

“In the light of this, it was then mutually agreed that, on this negotiation table for the election harmonization process, everyone is urged to make sacrifices and be committed to protecting the corporate image of the ANLCA and preserve the professional interest.

“That, while considering any workable options towards arriving at a generally acceptable election modality, that the adopted ANLCA Supreme Constitution, must not lose its essence, wherefore any election options or modalities, must be in compliance with the stipulations of the Constitution 2013. 

“Wherefore, for emphasis sake, all flexible considerations must not mean a deliberate intent to undermine the Constitution but rather a path to finding peace for a common good. That, the total considerate and acceptable electorates to be enlisted to make the voters lists is 93 members, which includes: the Chapter Executives = 61; BOT members = 8 and Aspirants = 24. This list is subject to ratification following the constitutional enabled process as shall be published by ASECO.”

The statement continued:

“Specifically, it agreed that, ASECO shall first publish a provisional voters list and give grace for re-verifications and reactions by the concerned party, and thereafter, it can go ahead to publish the final voters list.

“All eligible voters must be subjected to screening by ASECO. In the same manner, the Aspirants across camps are at liberty to rescreen the published voters list with consideration to eligibility of such enlisted licenses.

“That, at the end of this process, the BOT, ADMIN and ASECO should write their reports, just as the CCC shall also write its own reports of the meeting outcome.

“That, in order to ensure that, an ample time is given for ASECO not to undertake a hurried election or make hasty mistakes, an extension of time beyond the 31st August, was considered. Considerably, two (2) weeks additional days was approved for ASECO to tidy up with the election.

“That the date finally agreed for ASECO to conduct the election commencing, two (2) weeks from today and that is 6th and 7th of September, 2023.That, the election should be held in Lagos for ease of logistics.”

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