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ANLCA Says No Intention To Dignify Afolabi led Fake BoT Register


(l-r) Farinto, Ozor and Afolabi with the alleged fake certificate

The interim National Executive Committee (NECOM) of the Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) has said it has no intention TO dignify the infantile lies and reprehensible misrepresentations of facts about the association leadership status currently been peddled by the Dr. Taiwo Afolabi led illegal Board of Trustees (BoT) and sacked former NECOM.

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However, the interim NECOM led by Mr. Pius Ujubuono in a statement earlier today availed the port industry, Nigerians and the general public at large facts about the ANLCA crisis and the status of its authentic leadership represented by the Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha led Registered BoT, which the NECOM claimed “is deliberately being hidden away from the public.”

The statement signed by Mr. Joe Sanni, the association interim Acting National Secretary said the Registered BoT and its overwhelming majority supporters which has remained law abiding since the beginning of the crisis in 2018, will continue to carry the public along by availing Nigerians all the truth about the matter, including the position of the law courts in the matter.

The Registered Bot Certificate and allied documents

Instructively, the NECOM averred that the antics of the factional BoT inclusive of its purported BoT Certificate of Registration which it started showing off through the backdoor today, Friday September 16, 2022, is not only fake and illegal, further claiming they are manipulations of impostors who are seeking time to invest their certificated tissue of paper they deign to call Certificate of Registration a nonexistent intrinsic value; while dismissing the whole exercise as the biggest hoax of the year.  

For the benefit of doubt, the NECOM also released photo copies of the original Certificate of Registration by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), and all the legal documents that affirm its incontrovertible status, in addition to documented administrative statute evidences both in support of its material existence as well as other supporting evidences consistent with the Registered BoT’s incontestable facts of legitimacy.


“The Registered Board of Trustees (BOT) of ANLCA, led by Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha is determined not to dignify the fraudulent documents and pictures making the rounds presently on the social media. As law abiding citizens since the crisis erupted in April 2018, there are hard and incontrovertible evidences/facts in the public domain and before the law courts, to negate all that has been pushed out to the media, especially the maritime genre.

“The registered BOT shall therefore keep its distance from what Kayode Farinto, Mukaila Abdulazeez, Eniola Igbaroola and Ozo Chukwurah are trying so hard to make the public believe, while the various courts and the law enforcement agencies do their professional jobs.

“We have endured these hardened violators-with-impunity of valid and subsisting court orders, since 27th December 2018 (FHC/L/CS/2155/2018), to 11th October 2019 (FHC/L/CS/1274/2018), to that of 29th June 2020 (FHC/L/CS/599/2020) and to the most formidable of all the court orders on 26th of August 2020 (FHC/L/CS/921/2020), to that of Justice Lewis- Allagoa on 25th March 2021 (FHC/KN/CS/79/2021), which nullified their purported Owerri-BOT elections.

“The order has remained unchallenged till date.Despite disclaimers put out by the Registered BOT with CAC-issued certificate dated 16th of January 2020, that Owerri-BOT kept disturbing the peace of the Association.

“We as law-abiding members of ANLCA should continue to be patient, believing that the Almighty God we serve, shall not let us down. We can be a little bit more patient for the courts to pronounce that all the violations they have committed since Justice Rilwan Aikawa gave the order for NECOM to stop parading themselves as National Officers of ANLCA, are all null, void and of no effect since 26/8/2020.”

Sanni also disclosed that apart from the factional BoT long drawn war of attrition, he said the characters masquerading as the ring leaders have severally trampled on court rulings in addition to commission of perjury.

“All the fraudulence committed by obtaining a fake judgment wherein the plaintiffs and defendants are one and the same persons, only tell us of those who are determined to find themselves behind bars. Those who presented themselves as Board members in order to obtain the fraudulent judgment (FHC/AB/CS/109/2021), and use same to deceive the Corporate Affairs Commission, to give them a certificate, will obviously have a criminal case to answer very soon. We the law-abiding people should not be worried about where they desire to go. That is their business.”

Speaking on the legitimacy of the NECOM which derived its power from the Registered BoT, Sanni said the caretaker committee will continue to exist and function under the guidance of the Registered BoT until a national election into a substantive NECOM is called within the next 90 days; in the first instance. “The Registered BOT in exercising their constitutional powers as enshrined in the Supreme Constitution of ANLCA 2008, inaugurated an interim NECOM on the 24th of August 2022 inside the National Secretariat, pending national elections into NECOM within the next 90 days.

“The BOT shall not waver in ensuring that ANLCA is saved from the hands of these destructive elements who are bent on taking our government institutions for a ride. That shall not happen under the watch of the BOT of ANLCA”, he averred.

It will be recalled that earlier today, a photo news of two members of the factional BoT and NECOM, Dr. Kayode Farinto and Ozor Chukwura  with Dr. Taiwo Afolabi sandwiched between them, were seen holding a purported Certificate of Registration issued last month, August 2022.

Curiously, it would seem that one of the three persons in the photo was constrained to pose for the group photograph as he looks distant and apparently disturbed with the photo tell tale.

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