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Jaiyeoba Proves Mettle, Hits The Bull’s Eye

…As Apapa Customs Records N11.3bn Daily Collection


Relatively unknown in the revenue collection corridor of the Nigeria Customs Service, the recently appointed Customs Area Controller of Apapa Command , Comptroller Babajide Jaiyeoba literally had the sun stand still as he and his officers and men worked the books, gleaned the documents, purred through submissions and doubled checked the scales for correctness; farming for optimal yields.

The result was the record breaking daily revenue collection of N11.3bn on November 2, 2023, which the Command Public Relations Officer, CSC Abubakar  Usman in a statement noted surpassed the existing highest daily collection figure of N10bn, recorded on August 3, 2023.

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While in the capital market parlance the performance is not only a gainer but one that hits the bull’s eye, in the customs territory, the record breaking collection is what the then CSC Victor Dimka at the then Lily Pond Command like to call ‘table shaking’ performance.

A long, long time headquarters officer regarded as an administration oracle, many would have looked past Comptroller Jaiyeoba as a strong tariff reader or shrewd classification officer capable of driving any major blockade aimed at getting everyone to play by the rules; apply the system audit in response to default detection, with the inevitable result of making corrections and or recoveries.

The Apapa Customs boss has vowed that in the bid to adjust to efforts to catch up with its annual revenue target, no stone will be left unturned; a final fiery warning that the Apapa command new sheriff, is hard boiled.

Hard boiled, even to the extent that if it required having to upstage the apples cart and to enforce compliance, thereby putting everybody on red alert, within and without; he would do so; despite that Usman, blessed with the power of oratory and beautification has soaked the real warnings in the metaphor of slick delivery.

With this outstanding feat, it is undisputable that Jaiyeoba has proved to be a controller to watch. Under his watch, the command had in October 2023 generated N135billion, but like most shrewd and highly successful administrators, he choose to allow his officers and the stakeholders take the glory.

Aiming for something much higher, he did not forebear to state that the task of meeting the command’s target is dependent on their good behavior. That was a tactical sword thrust an enemy will require his keenest ability to fight off, with his eyes and entire senses inevitably challenged.

To be found wanting is not an option, thus Jaiyeoba ‘s demand as contained in his recent statement for compliance, is either a win-win for everybody, or else, bad bargain for the importer and his clearing agent or freight forwarder, as the case may be.

Speaking on the record breaking revenue achievement, Usman in a statement said: “The Apapa Command of Nigeria Customs Service has achieved a landmark revenue collection feat with the generation of N11.3bn on November 22, 2023 thereby surpassing the existing highest daily collection record of N10bn which was achieved on August 3, 2023.

The Customs Area Controller who according to him described the collection as fallout of teamwork, system audit, compliance and zero compromise, further urged officers of the command to sustain the tempo of hard work.

“Comptroller Jaiyeoba said the command has been more focused on its mandate and collected N135bn for the month of October, which presently is the highest monthly collection in its history.  According to the CAC, the recent daily and monthly revenue collection achievements should be a motivation for officers to do more to justify the confidence invested in the service by the Federal Government and meet the expectations of the Comptroller General of Customs, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi MFR, in the areas of maximum revenue collection, legitimate trade facilitation and suppression of smuggling.

“The CAC also urged members of the Apapa port community like importers, licensed customs agents, chandlers, haulage operators, and freight forwarders to see compliance and obedience to laws as part of their civic responsibility as citizens.  He reiterated that his office is open for dialogue and suggestions on ways to improve customs service delivery and achieve federal government objectives.

Comptroller Jaiyeoba lauded the various federal government agencies for their cooperation while describing customs relationship with them as excellent and collectively geared towards realizing government objectives; even as he espoused their positive utmost fidelity in getting the tasks done; like the task master he is.

“We are very optimistic about meeting our target for the year. Even though, from the initial part of the year, it was not what was expected but from what we have been recording in the last 2 months, I am very optimistic that we will be able to get there.

“I keep telling some of my subordinates, who want to be discouraged, that it is not over until it is over.  I believe it is achievable. What we need is the willpower and the willpower is there. I know that by the end of the year, we will have cause to celebrate.

“My counsel to sister agencies is that they stick to their standard operating  procedures, and I want to put on record that other security agencies  have been cooperating with us.”

Urging traders to play by the rules, he explained that failure to do will produce ugly consequences that will rub off on everyone.

“The issue is just with these non-governmental organizations, and we will continue to tell them let’s play the game by the rules. Whether you are an agent or licensed chandler, there is a condition for your license. The condition for every operator is spelt out. If we all play according to the rules of the game, there will be less friction, and we will be able to achieve a secured port environment.

“I keep telling people that we are working because the port is secured .The onus is not only on any of us, but all of us. We should all be able to do what we need to do to secure the port. An agent can discover that some of their counterparts are doing things that can undermine the security of the port. They should let us know so that we will address it right from the beginning before it causes a problem to everyone “, he enthused.



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