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Modernisation designed to put Nigeria Customs in global map-Saidu

Assistant Comptroller General, ICT/ Modernisation, Nigeria Customs Service, NCS, acting ACG Aliyu Galadima Saidu has disclosed to the NCS is making its way to global ranking following sustained and robust modernization of its processes and procedures, which was recently contracted

The Customs ICT chief said the project will enhance International trade and support government’s drive for improved revenue collection, adding that the move has already began to attract accolades from various quarters, including leadership of customs organizations from across the continent and the world at large.

Speaking in Abuja at NCS organised programme, Customs Duty, Saidu said the project will also strengthen the service capacity for information sharing with other agencies of Government and private operators.

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He said contrary to misgivings that the project is a ploy to take over customs function, officers of the NCS will be fully involved in the running of the project as it will boost their capacity and increase their productivity, he explained.

According to him, “E-Customs is an integration of Customs application processes, platform, hardwares involving all-in-one nationwide import, export , excise and office management under one digital platform.

“In addition to this, it is a solution to facilitate processes of licensing clearance, cargo management, revenue collection and payment. The automation of Customs procedures has been a key component in Customs reform and modernization globally.

“It is not only peculiar to developing nations and this initiatives and support across the globe has been facilitated and emphasised by international donor organisations like World Trade Organisation, World Customs Organisation and other organizations globally”, he said, adding:

“The impacts are enormous. Number one, it is going to facilitate international trade. It is going to block all the loopholes leakages in revenue generation and the end result is going to enhance our revenue collection. It is going to enhance border security.

“We are going to have a robust platform of sharing information. It is going to enhance the capacity of Customs officers and men and the clearance procedure is going to be shortened. This will provide us with best technology to support the ease of doing business in Nigeria.”

The acting Customs ICT boss identified various areas the modernization is designed to impact, noting that both personnel professionalism, tools of trade and equipments like cargo scanners will be given significant rejig to enhance trade facilitation and promote operational efficiency and transparency.

He said, “It will also strengthen trade facilitation has being advocated by the World Customs Organisation. It is going to enhance professionalism and specialization in Nigeria Customs Service.

“In the process, our entire border stations, seaports and airports are going to be fitted with scanners. I mean the model hi-tech scanners which will facilitate clearance of goods and passengers and the end result also will be less human contacts and easy detection of concealing methods by smugglers.

“This project is not a concession. Let me break it down- we are inviting experts, people are bringing their money to enhance our capacity to give us this technology.

“The whole process will be driven by Customs. A typical example is that each scanning site will enhance our capacity then the image analyses will be done by Customs. I don’t see any concession here. All our platforms will be run by Customs and that is why one of the key component of this project is enhancement of our capacity . They are going to give us a robust training.”

The Acting ACG added that it will enhance,E-Payment System,Unified Customs Management System, Risk Control Centre, Electric Cargo Tracking System,Centralised Risk Management ,Office Automation System

Continuing he said, “We have been clamouring for this for long we want to be among the top class Customs administration in the world and since the Federal Executive Council approved this project, our CGC has been receiving calls from member nations of Customs under World Customs Organisation congratulating him because is a Customs project initiated by Customs and is going to be driven by Customs.”

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