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‘Nigeria Steadily Achieving Global Cargo Clearance Standard’ – ANLCA


The Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) has said that the journey to achieving global standards in cargo clearance has been on the focus since Bashir Adewale Adeniyi MFR, Customs Comptroller General (CGC) assumed leadership of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS).

ANLCA President, Nwokeoji

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The Mr. Emenike Nwokeoji led association in a document released for public consumption says the CGC has focused on putting in place the right processes that promotes global standards of cargo clearance and is bent on removing whatever hurdles might be on the way.

While expressing its profound gratitude to the CGC for this laudable pursuit and others, ANLCA noted that the only missing requirement is the political will to install scanning machines in all the Ports/Terminals to scan cargoes from ship to terminal.

ANLCA however urged the Customs helmsman to leverage on his network to the federal government to complete the rehabilitation of all ports access roads and adopt a PPP model in their management and future maintenance.

L-R Nwokeoji, Adeniyi and ANLCA VP Prince Oduntan during a recent visit to the CGC

ANLCA further notes that since approvals have been obtained for the removal of over timed cargoes, the process should commence without further delay.

The statement signed by the SSA to the National President on Special Duties, Joe Sanni  note with gratitude that Adeniyi who regards ANLCA as a dependable ally created a platform that quickly resolved and brought to an end the association’s five years crisis; and declared that Nigeria and by extension the NCS couldn’t have had it better.

The statement reads: “Ten 10 things happened within the Nigeria Customs aspect of the Maritime Industry recently, between the 19th of June 2023 that connotes a steady journey towards achieving global standards of cargo clearance and trade facilitation in Nigeria.

“First, the appointment on the 19th of June 2023, of a seasoned, thoroughbred Comptroller General of Nigeria Customs Service (CGC), in the person of a Public Relations expert, former Customs National Public Relations Officer for close to two decades, former Area Comptroller of MMI Airport, former Commandant of the Customs Command and Staff College, Gwagwalada, Abuja, immediate past head of the Strategic, Research and Planning department at the Customs headquarters – Alhaji Bashir Adewale Adeniyi.

“He ensured that the Customs major advocacy group – the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) is out of crisis, back on track and united.

“Second, was the introduction and adoption of the Customs Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) in a circular # NCS/PR/SP/S.582/009/23/Vol 1 of 25 August 2023 which gave teeth to Sections 67 & 68 of the Nigeria Customs Act 2023. That is yet to be fully activated and operational.

Joe Sanni

“Third was the activation of relevant provisions of the Nigeria Customs Service Act 2023.”

Sanni explained that by asserting its independence and neutral stand in the controversial e-Customs Modernisation Project, the CGC has demonstrated loyalty and confidence in the ability of the NCS to deliver satisfactorily on cargo clearance processes.

“Fourth.Abandoning, by way of non-involvement of the Nigeria Customs Service, of the e-Modernization Project as then being proposed, when all that was needed was the conclusion of the automation processes that has seen the almost paperless transaction of the initial procedures in the cargo delivery processes, before the berthing of cargo/vessel, by way of the Pre-Arrival Assessment Report (PAAR) which by the way, requires just fine-running, which the SOP is set to address holistically”, adding:

“The only thing required is the political will to install scanning machines in all the Ports/Terminals to scan cargoes from ship to terminal. Another thing that needs careful and deliberate intervention is the provision of a robust network work server, to minimize/eliminate downtime/server-breakdown in the cargo clearance processes.

“That done, Nigerian Customs is as good as attaining that much touted global standards of cargo clearance, depending on the enhancement of personnel capacities.”

The statement continued: “Fifth and importantly, the determination of the CGC to free up clogged space in the Ports and terminals, by removing all overtime cargoes. Approvals have been obtained for the exercise.

“Another very important step taken by the career-imbued CGC is his determination to engage stakeholders in formulating, implementation and sustenance of government policies, by carrying along almost everyone in the process.

“The  CGC went ahead to institute the support of the Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the economy – Mr Olawale Edun, whose Ministry is the supervisory ministry of Nigeria Customs Service, to initiate a bill seeking the Customs Cargo clearance processes in the Ports and Border Stations.

“Following up on that, Alhaji Bashir AdewaleAdeniyi appeared before the senate to request that a separate pensions scheme be established for Nigeria Customs Service, away from the Pensions scheme established for other regimented arms.”

ANLCA also commended the CGC for hosting past management staff of the NCS as an moral edifying initiative even as the association wholly indentified with him for resuscitating the rested annual Customs Comptroller General conference.

“Seventh is the mind-blowing hosting of all the retired management staff to a get together that was not only refreshing, exciting and appreciated by all the concerned officers, but it was an initiative worth emulating by other MDAs and in fact, other corporate organizations. This is actually heart-warming and reassuring to the retired management staff, and the generality of members of the public – taking care of their own, when no longer active on duty.

“The CGC never forgot, by way of appreciating his officers and men, by promoting them to the next rank and posting those deserving it to strategic offices. Quite commendable indeed, and by no means the last, is the revitalization of the CGC annual conference scheduled for the 13th– 15th of December 2023 in Lagos.”

A former National Publicity Secretary of ANLCA, Sanni said:

“The CGC – Bashir AdewaleAdeniyi is really set and determined to chalk-up so many firsts and successes. He is set to make Nigeria Customs perform optimally towards global standards and in the process, collect more revenues for the Federal Government of Nigeria.

“After all, the CGC is no news to the World Customs Organization (WCO) and its membership aspirations. Based on this, the CGC is hereby encouraged to deliberately institute a process whereby, annually/bi-annually Customs Brokers are trained and retrained at their facilities.

“ANLCA, as decided by the Present National Executive Committee (NECOM), is ready to collaborate with Customs and indeed all stakeholders, to make the cargo clearing processes automated, seamless and cost-effective, while ensuring that all revenue leakages are blocked.

“ANLCA is also willing to ensure that Cargo clearance from the Ports/Borders Stations operate 24/7, as already begun under Comptroller Dera Nnadi of Tin Can Command – a PR guru in his own right. Other commands should take a cue, while Customs Brokers are to take deliveries 24/7.

“With all the positive steps already taken by the CGC, the sky is not only the limit, but the beginning of many good things to come to the Nigerian Ports & Borders Stations. No doubt, officers and men of Nigeria Customs Service are excited with what the CGC is doing, and are willing to give him maximum support to achieve his set goals. Nothing less is expected of them, with all they are witnessing right before their very eyes now.”

ANLCA expressed the belief that the CGC has what it takes to persuade the federal government to pay more attention to the poor condition of the ports access roads.

“One very crucial thing though, is  that the CGC must muster all the courage at his disposal and leverage on his networks, to engage relevant government departments, Ministries and agencies, to ensure that all Ports access roads are fixed, and a PPP put in place to develop within a short time, some Trailers and Tankers Parks/Villages to serve as holding bays for all empty containers laden Trucks to Park, until when required to load cargoes out of the Ports or discharge empties, thereby freeing up our access roads for common-users use, without unnecessary hold-ups.

“These services must come at a cost and are achievable, if governments are serious about it.”


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