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When Akeredolu And Death Were Far Apart


All men must die because it is in our nature and lies firmly within the Will of God in His Creation. Death is actually a process, a transition which began at a higher spiritual sphere from where man as a spirit germ was permitted to journey downwards from the spiritual into the material world for the purpose of maturing and development.

It is not for nothing that is said by some local folks that “the world is a market place…”, thus when we go to Onitsha market, Dugbe market, Sabon Gari market, , Idumuta market, Gboko market, or even markets in Dubai and Jakarta, we return home.

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Birth and death are therefore inseparably linked, the one follows the other; and cannot be circumvented! These are rudimentary lessons contained in the Knowledge of Creation.

It is often said that death stalks certain individuals! Some it is said, plays death, while others walks straight into it, foolishly, carelessly and or helplessly.

However, it was Williams Shakespeare in his iconic dramatized play ‘Julius Caesar’ that popularized the maxim that “death comes when it will come…”; which somewhat introduced the awesomeness of the Creator in the execution of His Will; to which all human beings are subject.

But this article is really not about the time factor but rather about the certainty of death which certain persons treats with an apparent “l don’t care attitude”, that vaulting mortal arrogance, or should we call it impudence, that characterizes certain category of human beings, especially within the Nigerian political and elitist setting.

At that level of intellectual conceit, some even imagine that with death, it is all over, and think that with their earthly status, they probably will be able to drive a bargain with the Almighty Creator to provide them a crossover into the blissful hereafter by procuring the certificate of religious good conduct (that qualifies them for Passover into Paradise); from the church or mosque.

Such attitude can be seen from the fanciful religious burial rites accorded them, and this is mostly by the churches; leaving many with the foolish impression that with such beautiful ceremonies, man’s sins and guilt’s are invariably washed clean, erased and obliterated; so they can saunter into the heaven of their imagination.

But adamantine lies the Laws of the Almighty, that ‘whatsoever a man sow, he shall reap’ and that ‘the soul that sin shall die.’

Simply interpreted, the mortal man shall be held accountable for all his actions, whether good or bad, as the incontrovertible condition precedent for his hereafter.

Thus all our human actions, great or small, perpetrated under whatever circumstances assume what can be regarded as an automatic spiritually iron cast gate, which alone serves as the entry point into the hereafter; exactly the same way our normal access card into offices, work place or homes, functions.

Above takes us to the news of the passage of the Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredola, said to have taken place earlier today.

A distinguished lawyer of repute, Akerodulu fought  a number of wars to emerge the governor, it was not a walk over; in fact, he tried more than once before victory came his way. It was speculated he had to placate some godfathers and massage the ego of other political juggernauts standing on his way, before he received the required endorsement and support.

For a man who have traveled the rough path of our political peculiarities and disdain for law and order, and one who was a former President of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) and a Christian to wit; it came as a surprise that Akeredola  elected to walk on those ugly and ignoble paths and became blind to what is right and proper, and pursued political governance in the self same manner most of those before him acted; relegating natural laws and social justice to the background.

Like majority of Nigerian politicians, Akeredola reportedly cared less about justice and fair play both of which defines humanity and godliness; the most recent of which was his running battle with Lucky Aiyedatiwa, his deputy, during which, sadly, he sadly took ill.

His ill health reportedly deteriorated to the extent it was noised around loudly that he could no longer perform the duty of his office. He reportedly rebuffed suggestion to handover to his deputy whilst he took care of his health; a development that created perhaps, the fiercest battle ever in the history of governor/deputy governor feud in Nigeria.

The peace of the state was at several points deeply shaken, with factional clashes erupting here and there. It was noised all over that Governor Akeredolu embraced the sort of reckless political attitude and inordinate power struggle he condemned as a practicing lawyer, creating unhealthy rivalry, tension and enmity across the state’s political space.

The lowest point was when he discharged from his medicare oversea penultimate week and rushed back to Nigeria, purportedly to try to stop Aiyedatiwa who was obviously having a huge following and support base, from knocking him down from the governorship chair through the long drown impeachment and counter impeachment saga that has since enveloped the state.

As the struggle intensified, the former NBA President backed down after his Abuja supporters told him they would withdraw their backing since the matter was becoming an unpleasant national embarrassment.

Humbled and obliged to transmit a letter of authority transferring power to his deputy; Akeredolu was reportedly stranded as he needed an air ambulance to flew him back to Europe.

According to grapevine, his health further deteriorated whilst efforts was on to secure an ambulance, which was said to have come late, by almost a week. It can only be left to the imagination the amount of setback his health may have suffered in the interim.

The seat he fought bitterly over, allegedly rather inappropriately has been rendered vacant by reason of his passage. The constitution which in some ways are fashioned in line with natural laws of cause and effect is such that the deputy is scheduled to assume the responsibility of the governor in the unforeseen circumstances of his inability to be able to effectively run the office.

Looking at the recent and ongoing macabre political dance in Edo and Rivers states, it is safe to assume that our politicians who have assumed the status of small gods don’t give a jute about the necessary harmony required to maintain creation and by extension the earth and the human race.

In fact, by their conduct they literally suspend the Almighty God and His Will, and make their own will, the ultimate agenda. Man must learn quickly while death is still far away to swing with the laws of nature that governs creation and governs man and society. He should learn to place limits on himself as well as his pseudo political kingdom and power; because at death, life continues except that it is in the reverse order, so to speak; where accountability sets in.

He does not cease to exist, he is very much alive in a different setting, in the beyond, where he no long have the protection of his political office and all the privileges the office offered him, hitherto.

In fact, his new reality is one preoccupied exclusively as it were, with giving account of his actions while on earth; exactly in line with the Creative Will of God; and hence not open to any arbitrariness.

The process being divine also implies that it is perfect, just and incorruptible; and not susceptible to human manipulations and sharp practices. While the country mourns his passage, let the rest of us reflect and adjust our ways accordingly. Power is transient, those privileged to be at that corridor should become much more discerning and make greater effort in the pursuit of peace, stability and progress as their ultimate goal.

May the departed find the strength and help to strive to the Paradise of the Light!

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