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ANLCA 2023: ENSO PCO Says CRFFN, Njoku/Farinto Faction Set for Illegal NEC To Rig Election

…As ENSO Team Deliberates With Kano Chapter Members


Emenike, standing, addressing Kano Chapter stakeholders meeting

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The Emenike Nwokeoji and Segun Oduntan (ENSO) Presidential Campaign Organisation (PCO) has raised alarm about an illegal National Executive Council (NEC) Meeting in an unnamed Lagos Hotel between a faction of the Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN), and the presidential team of Dr. Kayode Farinto, comprising of Chief Henry Njoku, Dr. Kayode Farinto and others.

ENSO Team with Compt. Galadinma

Member of the ENSO PCO, Chief Skido Okafor who raised the alarm said the illegal meeting discussed ways to yet again extend the tenure of the National Executive Committee (NECOM) with Dr. Kayode Farinto as Acting President, which he said is aimed at rigging the forth coming NECOM Election through barefaced effrontery and electoral process manipulation already hatched at the said illegal NEC meeting.

Chief Okafor in statement released online mid morning said “This illegality is being perfected right now in a popular Lagos hotel”, puroportedly aimed at securing the required number of votes, using voters planted by its controversial absentee National President, Iju Tony Nwabunike.

Emenike with the Kano Chapter Chairman

The statement titled Process of Electing and appointing Two Presidents Of  ANLCA Is Loading  reads: “One to be Elected by Popular VOTES of members (of) ANLCA and  the other  to be appointed by FACTION of CRFFN. One wants to be called President at all cost and ask another to go to Court.

“This illegality is being perfected right now in a popular Lagos hotel. This is being fine-tuned for tomorrow illegal NEC meeting by (the) illegal extended NECOM that wrongly cited section 8 of their own Constitution to purportedly extend their tenure with collusion of some…

“They were in a hurry   to extend their tenure and grossly cited a wrong section of their Constitution so that looting will continue …only legends can understand. They have concluded with number of votes needed in tomorrow’s illegal meeting to come from RUNAWAY President Appointees and expired Chapter executives. One Association with Two Presidents, one residing in USA and another endorsing another failure calling himself Acting President residing in Lagos. WHICH KIND OF FILM IS THIS? Is it Nollywood or Bollywood?” he asked bemused; even as he explained the pattern of elections in the association.

“All other Elections ever conducted in ANLC were held in the East and why not Lagos now where bulk of the VOTERS are residing and doing business. They hurriedly appointed Association Electoral Committee (ASECO) members without background check and now in search of another.

“Welcome again to TWO PRESIDENTS of ANLCA. One coming from Appointees of CRFFN and the other to be elected by ANLCA members”.

It will be recalled that the ENSO PCO Director General, Chief John Ofobike in a letter to Iju Tony Nwabunike accused the missing president of still actively working to destroy the association, through his alleged unconstitutional endorsement of the candidature of Dr. Kayode Farinto.


“Endorsement is a free will gift to anybody or product. You are at liberty to endorse anybody product of your choice.  But the question is, at what occasion or fora and who and what are you endorsing, and who are your target audience and your relationship to the targeted audience?  And what is your credibility to the targeted audience?

“Hence I thank you for endorsing Farinto because I know you are a bad product to the target audience likewise the product you are marketing to ANLCA. My former president, with due respect, are you sure this your endorsement came from your heart?

“I would like to remind you, how you told us in private, that your problems are emanating from Farinto and Henry Njoku, and also, (that) they have messed up your government, that they are your enemies operating from left and right thereby making your government ungovernable.  Let me remind you the issue of a letter to world customs organizations (WCO) by Farinto without your consent as a sitting president you alleged in the past. Remember also, you told us Farinto wrote letter to the then NPA Managing Director, Hajia  Adiza Usman without your consent.  Once again, let me remind you, how you invited us (Western Zone Executive) and again told us how Farinto, your vice went and printed letter headings  bearing the office of executive vice president of ANLCA he was using to write letters to  various government agencies including Terminal operators with lots of intimidations, without your consent

“You told us you gave him query several occasions which he refused to answer. All this issues are facts that are already in the public domain and so many other infractions by the man you are endorsing for the as presidential material. You told me twice how Farinto and some others person frustrated you out of office for almost two years at the National secretariat, before you ran away for your dear life.

“Let me ask you this question, on what ground is you endorsing Farinto?  Is it for him to continue from where you stopped, to lead us to where, total destruction? Farinto and you have destroyed the Association for the past five and half years. “

Ofobike then suggested that the only acceptable way forward is to organized a national retreat to resolve all pending issues and embrace and collectively resolve to move forward.

“There should be Truth and   Reconciliation Committee in ANLCA because what Tony iju an Farinto did in the   past five and half years is very  alarming with the help of Mr fix it,  Mr Henry Njoku, THE EMPEROR , THE MAN WHO LIVES ON ANLCA.”

The former ANLCA Western Zone Coordinator  said he will not be afraid to speak the truth even though attack dogs of those he is speaking truth to may come backing and baying for his blood.

“I came in peace and I am waiting to be attacked by the attacks DOGS but I’m not bothered, because Truth is always bitter” even as he challenged Nwabunike to deny everything he has said.

Meanwhile, the ENSO Campaign Team last week ended its tour of the northern zone in a meeting with members of Kano Chapter, where serious issues affecting their operations were discussed.

At the meeting, members  lamented that they have not felt the impact and presence of the NECOM in the last five years, and pledged to to deliver the chapter’s block votes to Emenike Nwokeoji and his restoration team.

The campaign team also visited the Customs Area Controller of Kano-Jigawa Command, Comptroller Dangaladima, where Emenike informed him of his campaign for the leadership of ANLCA, with the promise to resuscitate customs and agents’ relationship that has nosedived in the past five years.

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