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ANLCA Crisis: Blessed Are The Peace Makers (2)


Yesterday the submission was made that the Registered BoT dutifully obtained a court judgment nullifying the Owerri  December 16, 2020 AGM together with its by products which included the amendment of ANLCA’s Supreme Constitution, the setting up of a factional BoT and appointment made into it, including the further amendment of the Supreme Constitution to allow for the extension of NECOM’s tenure by a year; all of which the Registered BoT prayed the court were illegal, and hence were subsequently overturned by the said court judgment.
Neither the Iju Tony Nwabunike/Dr. Kayode Farinto joint led NECOM nor the Dr. Taiwao Afolabi led factional BoT has invalidated the court ruling. In addition and consistent with its alleged manipulative tendencies and barefaced lies, the NECOM birthed factional BoT, both operated in proxy by their runaway chief executives gathered somewhere in Lagos yesterday, for another round of ramshackled, pretentious outcry and weather beaten propaganda.
Among other things they tried to sell to innocent Nigerians was  the warped argument that the Registered BoT accessed and took over the ANLCA National Secretariat unlawfully, in addition to weeping and rubbing tears on their hands that the Nigeria Police supported the take over.

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Since every lie have expiring date,  it is to be noted that during the meeting, the factional BoT failed to present a copy of its Certificate of Registration by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
The authentic Registered BoT showed its certificate of claim when it addressed the press last week. Thinking people and sane society can not take serious those crying wolf when there is nothing chasing them.
While the Registered BoT have always presented it’s case in a tidy, meticulous and believable manner, the other party have consistently deployed blackmail and threats, plus resort to backdoor depositions to claims bereft of clarity, material facts and fidelity.
Simple logic dictates that no matter how hard we try, we cannot build something on nothing. To date, the Registered BoT has four court rulings in its favour, secured not merely on the basis of legal jurisprudence but essentially through sustained manifest reflection of the truth; truths that endures forever and overshadows all untruth.
All of the court processes and judgments were treated in our earlier edition yesterday, excluding the Badagry Court Order. This order by Justice Ogundare in Suit BD/3134GCM/2019 restrained NECOM from carrying out any chapter elections in ANLCA Western Zone.
Parties to all the cases have placed on record facts that NECOM violated the respective court orders including the Badagry Order, despite being party to a police administered agreement to obey all the court orders. It is longer news to many Nigerians especially those that have followed the matter that NECOM  abused the joint undertaking by them and the Registered BoT made in the Area Commander’s office of the Nigeria Police Force, Festac Town on the 16/2/2021. In total disregard and disobedience of the court order and the undertaking in reference, ‘election’ was held in the dead of the night in Satellite Town by NECOM, even on the very day it’s principal officers endorsed an agreement for pledge of good conduct. Those who see nothing wrong in serial violations of lawful instruments cannot be relief upon to trade in honesty and truth.
As a result of NECOM’s observed unwillingness to submit to the association’s internal mechanism for the resolution of in-house disputes or to respect court judgments, and amid it’s arrogant repudiation to peace overtures by the Registered BoT, the former took step to checkmate it’s continuing intransigence and unlawful utilization of ANLCA documents and properties by inviting the police to seal the National Secretariat, pursuant to court judgment that barred the latter from functioning as national officers. Thus the secretariat was first sealed by the Nigeria Police on the request of the Registered BoT on June 6, 2021, and again in February 16, 2022. Each time, the court restrained operators of the NECOM manage to get around the police to retake possession of Inde Dikko House. From the benefit of hindsight, the Registered BoT decided to take full possession of the facility last Wednesday August 24, 2022. It will be recalled that in all material instances , the Registered Board had put forward charges of violation of court judgments and unlawful occupation of the secretariat by those it labeled impostors.
Evidences abound that the Registered BoT has repeatedly bend double backwards not only to initiate reconciliatory moves, but has been amenable to proposed compromises by third parties and those sympathetic to the progress and future of ANLCA. Sadly, the Nwabunike led NECOM  not only regularly and arrogantly snorted at such gestures but in addition engaged in other provocative conducts that tended to  arrogate unmerited importance to itself until the Registered BoT took steps to chase them out of the National Secretariat.
It is on record that the Nigeria Police has administered most of the reconciliatory engagements, both at the AIG Zonal, DIG Maritime, State CP and Area Command levels. While the Registered BoT are always amenable for quick resolution to all outstanding disputes to allow peace and progress to return the association, the other side has remained a drag. The relevant authorities are not unaware of gang’s indifference and hurtful dispositions to peace and final resolution of the leadership tussle.
While the Registered BoT chairman speaks of the need for a give and take resolution approach, the National President would be heard saying he is not interested in any further peace talk, and at different fora heard of either erecting some rigid conditions and talk about granting the latter amnesty.
Such annoying refrain was this NECOM’s stock in trade. Each time the Registered boT locks up the secretariat, NECOM appears forthcoming with conciliatory gestures, and as soon as the place is opened for both parties to meet and dialogue; it sooner appropriate the secretariat and lock out those they perceive as enemies. Mustapha confirmed that the last dialogue took place at the Lagos State Command of the Nigerian Police Force Ikeja, presided over by the Commissioner of Police himself. According to the amiable BoT chairman who have continually espoused peaceful approach to the crisis, he said during the dialogue, the BoT conceded the elections conducted by NECOM in the North, East and Abuja, and demanded in exchange that the NECOM should also concede the Western Zone elections conducted by the BoT; with the exception of Murtala Mohammed Airport (MMA) Chapter, which he said is still been discussed because of the unique political atmosphere there.
On the issue of the unconstitutional tenure elongation by one additional year hitherto opposed to by the BoT, Mustapha said his submission at the CP’s peace dialogue was: “If NECOM is ready to take one year to their tenure, all chapters should be allowed to do same without exception.”
In summary those behind NECOM have always spoken from the two sides of their mouth with respect to finding lasting solution to the association’s impasse.
Analysts and industry observers believe that the ANLCA saga is a reflection of the decay of the nation’s corporate governance system, leadership failure and government’s official negligence to enforce court rulings.
Unfortunately, this challenge is a shared responsibility between the judiciary and executive arm of government; as far as court judgments and enforcement of rulings by the Nigeria police is concerned. They posit that if government was alive to its responsibilities and responsive to the enforcement of the various court judgments, Nigerians will not be witnessing this utter disregard and abuse of the judicial system playing out in ANLCA.
Unfortunately, the ANLCA conundrum is just a microcosm of the wider malaise in our national life. They appeal that the Federal Executive Council should prevail on the Ministry of Justice and Office of the Attorney General of the Federation, the Police Commission and the Bureau of Public Conduct to address this national embarrassment.
In the words of the interim National Secretary, Joe Sanni, the combined effects of all the court judgments at it’s disposal confers on the Registered BoT not only the authority to take possession of ANLCA National Secretariat and its entire structure and liabilities; but also the unquestionable legitimacy to provide direction and administration; and thus act as a stop gap administration pending when a fresh set of national leaders emerge through a democratic process.
Flowing from the above, the power to remove NECOM by the Registered BoT is incontestable, while the first action logically gives rise to the second (taking possession of the association secretariat); since the Registered BoT is the Custodian of ANLCA Corporate, tangible and intangible.
Thus far, the only legitimate option available to the sacked NECOM and factional BoT is to go to court to argue whatever claims they feel entitled to. The Registered Bot Chairman is a lawyer by training, same as the Chairman of the factional BoT, even as the sacked Ag National President of ANLCA holds a doctorate degree, learned people don’t deploy thuggery and open threats; they follow the path of law.
Only trouble makers lock up family or public properties and walk away with the keys while peace makers seek internal meaningful dynamics to resolve in-house disputes. Where that fails, the intervention of the law to reclaim their properties from marauders, intruders and impostors becomes the next logical approach. The laws of our country is quite clear about these things, about actions and counter actions; cause and effects.
In a family, once in awhile, quarrels and differences are bound to come. While the trouble makers seek to dance naked, peace loving ones seeks amicable settlement. When settlement is ongoing, it is only the trouble makers that hoops around in the open to make provocative noises. The story of this NECOM and Registered BoT is not hidden, certainly not from the press and judiciary. Nigerians are free to make their findings, to determine who is the trouble maker and who is the peace maker.
To continued on Friday

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