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The Chrisland Schools Minors Sex Romp Intrigue

Lagos Government Shuts School Amid Public Skepticism


It is no longer news that after over a month that pupils of the Lagos elitist college , Chrisland Schools reportedly engaged in illicit sex runs in far away Dubai where the children were taking for an intellectual engagement, management of the school has handed the unfortunate victim, a ten year old female minor, a suspension letter.

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Guess what? The suspension letter is coming on the backdrop of the leakage of the sad development by the victim’s parents, whose attention was lately drawn to the video of the sad sex escapade which had gone viral on the internet, which reportedly involved male pupils of the school, all of whom were flown out of the country in custody of the school management.

While the now traumatized young girl was singled out for questionable punishment, the male culprits were apparently allowed to go scot-free.

The development is coming months after another elitist school, Dowen College, was briefly shut down by the state government, in respect of the school’s involvement in the controversial death of one of its students, Sylvester Oromoni, which management of the school allegedly attempted to cover up.

Reports indicate that the alleged sexual violation happened when Chrisland School was in Dubai in March to participate in the World School Games, a four-day annual competition, purportedly with schools from all over the world.

According to online reports, the news of the alleged sexual violation was broken by a blogger named Ubi Franklin, who reportedly accused the school of attempted cover up in the in the ugly sexual episode involving the minor and other male pupils.

The blogger who went to town over the development via his twitter handle Sunday night accused the school management of complicity.

He wrote: “Just got off the phone with a friend of mine (name withheld). His 10-year-old daughter was selected to represent her school at the World School Games in Dubai,” he wrote on Sunday night via his Twitter handle.

“His daughter was raped by fellow students, video tapped and posted on Instagram and the school concealed it for a month.”

Media sources claim that Ubi Franklin also posted a video of the mother of the victim narrating how the school authority concealed the matter from her, until she was informed by a fellow parent said to have seen the explicit video.

She was later to be invited to the school by the school head teacher, G.I Azike, on telephone call. The victim’s mother reportedly made the following narration:

“When I got to the school, I met her with two other women in her office. And one introduced herself as Mrs. Kemi, I can’t remember her surname. They said they came from Chrisland headquarters. That they wanted me to know that my daughter whom I left in their care, who they took to Dubai had a kiss with a boy and the boy also kissed her and that they found out that they got the kissing thing from Truth and Dare. So, I said okay…”

“I asked if there was anything else, they said no.”

She claimed that Mrs. Kemi advised her not to disclose their discussion to her husband. According to her, about two to three weeks later, the school management invited her again, this time to a virtual meeting with the board of directors.

During the virtual meeting, she reportedly was taking through official rigmarole, reluctant as it were to avail her of the real issue of the rape of her daughter.

“And one, in particular, said he was Akin, he was the one leading the…he began by saying if there is no forgiveness, if there is no sin there is no forgiveness. He was speaking in parables, at a time, I had to ask what are you people discussing? He now said no, that he just wanted to do a follow-up to ensure that I have withdrawn…(name withheld) phone to check in how she is doing.

“I said she is fine. He now made a comment that when it happened… I said sir, what happened? He said…(name withheld) did not tell you? I said she didn’t tell me anything.”

She claimed the meeting ended without the school management telling her the unfortunate incident.

According to reports, two days later, a parent from the school called her to inform her about what happened to her daughter in Dubai, that all the parents are aware, except her and her husband.

“So, immediately I informed my husband. Look at what is going on, then we began to call Mrs. Azike, she refused to pick up her call. I called her more than 20 times and she didn’t respond to the call but later I think she spoke with my husband and she said that she didn’t know anything if such a thing existed.”

The woman reportedly engaged her daughter who claimed to have confessed to the incident, saying Mrs. Azike threatened her not to talk about what transpired in Dubai, reportedly including how they abandoned them (pupils) in the hotel, and all the rest.

“So, even on our behalf, they have been having meetings, they have been sending delegates from their headquarters to have meetings with my daughter without my consent. I was not aware. We were not informed.”

It will be recalled that in 2018, Chrisland Schools was involved in similar sexual controversy, where one of its teachers, Mr. Adegboyega Adenekan reportedly raped a two year female pupil. He was reportedly convicted.

Following the damning reports, the Lagos State Government has ordered the closure of all schools under the Chrisland Schools corporate name.

The official statement reads: “The attention of the Lagos State Government has been drawn to the alleged sexual violence case involving students of Chrisland school.

“It is pertinent to note that all allegations are being investigated by the relevant Ministries, Departments and Agencies, including the Ministry of Education, Office of Education Quality Assurance, Ministry of Youth and Social Development, Ministry of Justice and the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence Agency, whilst the criminal allegations have been escalated to the Commissioner of Police.

“In the meantime, all Chrisland schools within Lagos are hereby closed, pending further investigations,” the statement continued.”

Apparently to mislead the general public and  possibly to deny complicity, management of Chrisland Schools slammed  the ten year old victim with a suspension, charging with her “improper behaviour.”

Those reacting said the conduct of the school is the height of insensitivity and official rascality, which they said can only happen in Nigeria. This is even as others suggested that every management staff involved in the matter should have their certificates withdrawn, prosecuted and treated as accomplice to serve as deterrence in future.

Yet, some others said they were not expecting anything positive from the investigation of the case by the state government, noting that the school and its operators and majority of the stakeholders are one and same people.

“Which punishment are you expecting the state government to give? The school belongs to one of them, the children involved are the children of the political and business elites, except few. Government is their friend, and they are friends of government.

“Guys we are in Nigeria, not Ghana, not South Africa or Egypt where there are some levels of sanity and sense of responsibility.”

There are information that Chrisland Schools started at Akute, Ogun State. It is however not clear whether Ogun State Government has also taking any step to monitor the school domiciled in the state.


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