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High Commissioner Lauds MAN Rector over Performance


The Nigerian High Commissioner to Jamaica, Her Excellency, Dr. Mrs. Maureen Tamuno has described the transformational strides of the Rector of the Maritime Academy of Nigeria, Commodore Duja Emmanuel Effedua (Rtd) as unprecedented. This was made known made during her visit to the Academy Wednesday this week.

The High Commissioner who is also Nigeria’s Permanent Representative at the International Seabed Authority (ISA) said she was pleasantly surprised at the quality of educational facilities the Academy parades and the tranquility that adorns the Academy Community; after a guided tour of the institution.

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Addressing her host, she said:  “I have followed up your activities in the Maritime Academy of Nigeria and I must say it is quite commendable, she said”.

She described the International Seabed Authority (ISA), as an international organization covered by the United Nations Law of the Sea, which was birthed principally to protect weaker countries from external encroachment by countries with stronger military might.

The High Commissioner who facilitated informal sessions on Inspection, Compliance and Enforcement (ICE) in the African region, said the Authority is working on the laws with the aim of reviewing them to see how they can be more beneficial to mankind.

Explaining that the seabed is rich in numerous minerals that could help build the economy in future, she noted that part of what ISA is doing is to build capacity in Nigeria. She further explained that as part of efforts to create awareness about the activities of the Authority, it was agreed that the Authority would be holding workshops in 5 different countries including Nigeria.

The workshop according to her is expected to provide a forum for interaction with the Secretary General of the Authority, Mr. Michael W. Lodge who is expected to be present.

“As part of the mid- term plan, it was agreed that workshops should be organised in 5 different countries, the 4th would be taking place here in Nigeria. About 17 to 20 experts would be flying to come and create awareness about the activities of the Authority.

“Nigeria is going to benefit immensely because part of what they do is to render help in areas of lack and so we might just be lucky. Because we want to go for the best in the Country, the Academy was highly recommended, so we have come to look at what you have on ground because it’s going to be a global event”, she added.

Welcoming Amb. Tamuno and her ISA Team,  Effedua  said the Academy is elated about the partnership drive and expressed the Academy’s readiness to key into  the activities of the  Authority.  The Rector informed his visitors that although the Academy was challenged in the past in virtually every front, he stated he and his management was however able to steer the institution out of the woods into a new world of global competitive status, and is currently a regional and continental leader, offering world standard training to both its cadets and students.

, while also catering for the maritime, oil and gas workforce in general and specific trainings and courses; thus sufficiently bridging the gap in overseas trainings which the Academy  has the capacity to offer as would any other Academy in America, Europe or Asian; and at a much more competitive and affordable price; and thus saving Nigeria and neighbouring maritime member states from needless capital flight from seeking these trainings overseas.

He also said that Certificates issued by the Academy are recognised internationally, because the faculties are strong with competent lecturers and enhanced curriculum to cater for the various training needs in the maritime industry.

“Our Cadets are special, before, they return to the Academy after graduation for other professional trainings. But now they graduate with more than 4 Certificates, courtesy of Management’s free tuition Mandatory Short Course Policy, and that makes them more marketable than their counterparts who graduated before now. Interestingly, organisations keep demanding for them, he said”.

On ther Commissioner’s entourage was the Director of Maritime Safety and Security, Mr. Babatunde Bombata; Ag. Director, Maritime Boundaries Department, National Boundary Commission, Mr. Nurudeen Abba;  Deputy Director (Head Protocol) NIMASA, Oluoha Nancy; Chief Marine Officer Maritime Safety & Security,(FMT), Mrs. Aisha Bisalla and Senior Marine Engineer, Marine Pollution (FMT), Engr. Abraham Nnokam.

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