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Niger: Aso Rock And The Maddening Desperation of France


Whilst past colonial governments, essentially of those of European bloc appear to be expressing regrets about their immoral, spiritual, human and material abuses and criminalities in Africa and elsewhere in Asia, France one of the biggest culprits appears unaffected and is in fact gloating with spiteful arrogance to sustain the unspeakable and unjust regime, clothed in new form of assimilation and control.

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Presently France is threatening to run Niger and its new military leaders over, should they fail to return to the barracks and restore President Mohamed Bazoum and his civilian government, regarded as part of the long queue of political stooges to Paris.

The ousted Nigerien civilian leaders like their counterparts within the French colonial territories in West and Central Africa have a history of Paris support to remain in office despite alleged monumental frauds, both political and economic, for as long as they uphold France’s evil neocolonial laws and structures that literally signs away to Paris, their national commonwealths and indeed sovereignty, vide shrewd wholesale instruments of financial and economic grafts, and through various, unspeakable manipulative proxy laws as safeguards.

After decades of utter subservience, misery and hardship, former Presidential Brigade of Guard, Gen. Abdourahamane Tchiani last week staged a military takeover albeit, interestingly, without the backing of Paris, and proceeded to revoke some military partnership deals and in fact cut out French’s tactical neocolonialism and all its appurtenances; determined to wrest Niger from the stranglehold of France and to run on a new slate as an independent sovereign government.

Despite few hisses by regional commentators and paid agents of the West, it is this decision which apparently comes across as black race final awakening that has put France on the panic mode, for which Paris is seeking partnership with weak, corrupt and susceptible African leaders to serve as fronts in a demonic military engagement to rout the new military leaders in Niamey.

Sadly but understandably, sister European colonialists like Germany has pitched tent with France to run Niger over, through surrogate West Africa governments; clearly exemplified in the worrisome consent of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) to serve in that capacity.

Nigeria’s President, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu who apparently accepted to help prosecute the hatchet job, has since rallied ECOWAS Governments into preparations to invade Niamey, and forcefully remove the junta and restore the ousted civilian government; should ECOWAS ORDER to the Tchiani led junta is ignored.

Yet, all available facts shows without any iota of doubt that France is not just the aggressor in the unfolding developments, but the single greatest threat to the survival of Niger and its people, which has for long shamelessly positioned itself as the official villain and common thief, systematically stealing the former colony blind in the past forty years, making Niger which is rich in mineral resources including uranium to rank amongst the poorest in the word.

This poverty is not only telling significantly in the hardship the ordinary citizens who faces hunger and deprivation every day and every year and decades upon decades, the poverty is manifest in the totality of their well being such as the telling backwardness in the country’s economy, education, infrastructure, it’s appalling social and human capita, and even national dreams at ever becoming better.

The new junta like governments before it, democratic or otherwise have also made similar promises, none of which has materialized. The Tchiani promise is however radically distinct as he takes step to exit Paris; which is an unmistaken alarm bells that France’s free meals in the region is coming to an end. Like all extortionists, Paris is not taking this lying low and is shedding the victim’s tears before fellow usurpers.

But just as Germany and Europe is getting up for France with their super military armaments, Africa francophone speaking sister countries are standing up to identify with Niger, with the strongest faith in the Just God that they will not run away from this war.

Expectedly, Nigerians from across the regions have spoken out against President Tinubu and his ECOWAS philandering reactions to the coup in Niger, and condemned Aso Rock’s unilateral actions, which included the cutting off of electricity supply to Niger, based on decades of economic integration agreements, and the closing of its land borders; in isolation.

Many are wondering if the ECOWAS Position was after all genuinely and transparently secured or obtained through unethical means, seeing the haste with which Nigeria is implementing the so-called ECOWAS Position, without any corresponding action from other member states.

Whilst there is no guarantee that the Niamey junta may steer the country into better days, together with similar sentiments amongst other francophone countries in the sub region that Paris must be stopped from further plundering their commonwealth and micromanaging their resources and finances; there is no denying the fact that the new awakening is justified, and worth supporting by the liberal world.

For those regarded as useful African idiots who have elected to avail France and the West their space and military platforms and resources to help sustain the evil regime of barefaced economic slavery and subservience in Niger, may they find their sentence, individually and otherwise, in the pogrom and hardship that may follow.

Europe and the West and those helping them to prosecute and sustain their evil empires in Africa should also note that an attack on Niger is an attack on a considerable stretch of northern Nigeria and her people and indeed, Nigerians at large.

ECOWAS and those saying that Niger is wrong in taking steps to end the unacceptable meddling of France in her sovereign affairs, should prevail on France to do to Niger what she would want Niger do to France.

If ECOWAS is unable to do this, perhaps, it should simply shut up and become a spectator until the world sorts out the French-former-Colonies, conundrum; which will in true sense bring to an end, all vestiges of slavery.

Be it mental, political, philosophical and economic.

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